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Saturday, September 12, 2020

What does SAL mean to You?


I don’t know about you but being home durning this pandemic I have become very interested in Youtube.
I have watched more tutorials, all the contestants on all the singing shows and several different floss tubers. It’s amazing how many hours I can waste in a very short time.
And weather it floss tube or the quilting shows they all have SAL.
Flosstube - SAL = Stitch A Long
Quilting - SAL = Sew A Long
Well as I have become an Expert arm chair connoisseur of You Tube I have my own definition of SAL. As I watch YouTube in my chair with an IPad , a cell phone and cool drink close at had I am more motivated to buy rather than joining in. Now don’t get me wrong I see tons of thing I would like to cross stitch or quilt, but that might interfere with my addiction to Youtube. On the other hand I would have never known about half these patterns without Floss Tube or the Quilting channels. 
so for now you can join me for our own SAL = Shop A Long.
The main rule is to have either you laptop close as you watch.
So you goggle the pattern name And buy away.
Doing this you will be adding to your
JOYS= Joy Of Youtube Stash
I think I have started a great movement! And look at all the Youtubers we are supporting!

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